Your adventure begins here ? ?

Are you wondering what to expect from Ritual HQ?
Check out this short clip to see our space & a sneak peak of some of the top quality equipment available for rent for when you’re with us.
Our on site training pool is the perfect spot for beginner divers to get comfortable & acclimatise to the underwater world while those explorers looking to refresh themselves after being out of the water for a while or those wanted to dive into some speciality training can also benefit from the use of this training environment.
We focus on the practical side of our training courses which are e-learning based so that our divers spend more time in the water than in the classroom. By using more flexible course structures, we’re able to tailor the training to the learning speeds & abilities of the group to ensure that they have the best and safest experience possible. We inspire our explorers & we ensure that we give them the best training possible to prepare them for future adventures. Our on site underwater photography & videography company, Mocean Images, is on had to help you capture your memories to take with you wherever you go.
With our years of experience in the dive industry, we want to build bonds and a level of trust between our divers to make sure they get the most they can out of every experience. We make sure that everything we offer has no hidden surprises and we’re always honest and approachable in our daily operations.

Credit: Mocean Images
  1. Ritual Dive Centre

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What do we offer? ?

Here’s a list of just some of the things we’re able to offer at Ritual. Get in touch to find out more 🙂

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