It has the same characteristics as the M105 digital, with the addition of a second transceiver channel.

Surface operator can easily change from one channel to the other by pressing a button, distinguishing two different lines of communication if needed.

This product also includes:

  • Headphone connection.
  • Volume control.
  • Speaker.
  • Water resistant case pressure compensation valve.
  • Battery charger.
  • Easy to read LED battery tester which shows the power status of the battery.
  • Transducer cable.
  • Bag.
  • Microphone.

Available accessories for the unit:

  • Audio out cable. (code 8590).
  • Headset. (code 8589).
  • Tuner for >50 meters M105DC Antenna. (code OR008609).
  • Splitter for connecting 2 antennas with M105DC (code OR023001).
  • External power cable (code 8594).