Cagayan Safari

Cagayan Islands

The Cagayan Islands lie on the 500km long and 30km wide Cagayan Ridge, which connects the Cagayan Islands with the Tubbataha Reef and Borneo. The ridge was formed by volcanoes that died out thousands of years ago. Parts have sunk again, collapsed and / or eroded and corals in these places have grown a hundred meters in height over the years.

The archipelago is about 120 km west of Sipalay and consists of 31 islands, only a few of which are inhabited. All islands are flat and only covered with bushes and palm trees, which is partly reminiscent of the Maldives. The climate is rather dry from December to April and a little more humid between May and November.

Diving in Cagayancillo
On the underwater ridge of extinct volcanoes that ends in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park.

The best destination for all lovers of walls, gorgonians and big fish without having to stay on board.


Our newest Easy Diving Eco-Resort was completed in January 2020. The luxurious “glamping” tents are equipped with high quality beds and mattresses. The tents can be booked with king size or double beds; Single bookings are also possible. During the day we are connected to the electricity network, in the evening and overnight we are optimally supplied by the solar system. All sockets are of European standard. With brick and cement we have built a washing and shower building, where there are toilets and a total of 4 showers.

Despite its hidden luxury, the Ec0-Resort still conveys the unique Filipino way of life, in the middle of nature, on a remote island. The selection of dishes will not be as extensive as in the resort. But it will be fresh, varied and with top service, as you are used to from Easy Diving. Back to the roots, in style! Alcoholic drinks are of course available, but not included in the safari price.


You will have breakfast every morning on the boat during the journey to the first dive. Since the first dive is usually made relatively deep, we usually dive three times before we go back into the bay. Night diving is always possible, of course. Of course we can adapt the program to the needs of the group. On board are of course a compressor, state-of-the-art communication equipment, safety equipment, first aid kit and emergency oxygen.

Between the dives there is of course lunch, snacks, fruits, water, non-alcoholic drinks, tea and coffee. After your return to land, you can get to know the main island with its charming population as you wish.

Every diver must have their own dive computer, underwater lamp and a surface marker buoy / SMB!

On the last day of diving you will be out of the water by 2 p.m. at the latest so that you can safely fly back to Sipalay the next day with a break of over 18 hours on the 6th day.


From the airfield in Sipalay your VIP flies moderately with a 6-seater Cessna to Cagayansillo. This breathtaking flight will take about 25 minutes and will provide the first images. In Cagayan you are in the rooms in no time and after a few steps on the boat.

After your return to Sipalay in the same way, you will be picked up at the airfield and driven by van to Easydiving, where you will be greeted with a welcome back drink on the white sandy beach of the Easy Diving and Beach Resort.