Diving in Dwejra

Having spent many years in the dive industry, we’ve been lucky enough to dive some incredible places and see some unbelievable things underwater.

One of our favourite places to dive is Dwejra as there are so many different spots to explore. Even the windy road to is an adventure in itself. You get to catch a glimpse of what lies in store for your day of diving. The first thing that pops up is Fungus Rock, quickly followed by Crocodile Rock and then you can catch a glimpse of the Inland Sea.

When you pull into the car park, the only thing that is missing is the stunning view of the Azure Window. Unfortunately, nature reclaimed this natural landmark about two years ago. Don’t worry, although it’s no longer visible on the surface, it’s made the dive site even better with the ruins creating a mountain range-like landscape.

Heading out slightly earlier allows us to miss the crowds. After gearing up, we start our short walk down to the Blue Hole where we bump into a couple of sightseers on the way. The views on the way down are awesome and really get you geared up for the main event.

The Blue Hole in Gozo really lives up to it’s name.  The blue is incredible as is the topography particularly on the descent. A cave sits just at the bottom of the Blue Hole is a great spot to explore and a great photo opportunity! Exploring the ‘Azure Alps’ as they are called is truly an unforgettable experience and a sight that we think could never get old. This dive site is definitely not one to be missed!

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